Welcome to my blog about my journey on motherhood! I’m a mom of two (4 and 2), who has spent years in graduate school getting a PhD in Psychology (before having kids). My husband and I have also traveled almost everywhere, again before having kids. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and can relate to some aspects of my journey.

I am by no means a parenting expert, rather I am on the job training. Sometimes I feel like I’ve got this parenting gig down; it’s so easy. And then there are other times when I cannot understand how anyone does this?! Parents of 3 or more kids are my icons. With 2, we have a divide and conquer approach at times (which works beautifully).

I’ve run the gamut of emotions since I started being a mom. From feeling like I cannot do this, defeated, guilty, to confident (sometimes overly dare I say, but don’t worry, my kids quickly correct that misconception I have), chill, and just comfortable. They truly make me a better mom, and a better person. Kids have a way of doing that.

How would I describe being a mom? It’s like watching a piece of me, my heart, walking around. I never knew how much I could love. I never knew how much I could sacrifice.

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